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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Berberine, a foodie's best friend and the miracle nutrient that you (probably) never heard of


Mahonia aquifolium or Oregon Grape, one source of berberine.
The recent outbreak of hemorrhagic E. coli at Chipotle restaurants is heartbreaking to read about. Here is a restaurant chain which has made applaudable efforts to supply quality, hormone and antibiotic free meat to it's customers which has now gained yet another black eye due to food related illness. Unfortunately, wherever the contamination came from (last I read was narrowed down to lettuce or tomatoes) it wasn't the restaurant's fault. However, the stories you read about the extent of the illness caused would make anyone think twice about eating there, or anywhere really...

The whole situation has made me incredibly grateful for some advice I got from my botanical medicine professor (Dr. Jill Stansbury, ND) in my second year of naturopathic med school. She said that for any case of suspected food-related illness (i.e. as soon as you get that queasy feeling in your gut and think "uh-oh, what did I eat???") to pop a berberine capsule (generally 200-400mg) and to keep doing so every few hours until the feeling completely passed. To this date, it has never failed me or my family and my husband has finally come to ask for it whenever he second guesses that state-fair chili that truly wasn't intended for human consumption.

So what is it?

Berberine is an alkaloid compound that is present in many traditionally medicinal herbs such as Oregon Grape, Goldenseal, and Barberry. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 1000 years. It is what makes parts of these plants, such as the root of the Oregon Grape, bright yellow and incredibly bitter. 

Why is it so effective against bad gut bugs?

Berberine has been shown to be effective at killing E. coli by a number of methods including damaging it's DNA, interfering with cell wall transport, and inhibiting cell movement. It also messes with the genes responsible for the E. coli's metabolism of carbohydrates and amino acids, essentially starving it.1 It has also shown strong anti-microbial activity against MRSA, vancomycin resistant E. faecium, and Klebsiella pneumoniae.2 It has also shown some promise, although not as well studied, against Salmonella and Candida species.17, 18

Now E. coli is never a fun bug to get, but the strain in the Chipotle cases is particularly bad because it is classified as hemorrhagic, meaning it induces bleeding. Bleeding from hemorrhagic E. coli can take place in the gut, in the kidneys, in mucous membranes, and in pretty much any small blood vessel which can lead to a condition known as HUS or hemolytic uremic syndrome in which the toxins from the bacteria destroy the red blood cells and cause multiple tiny clots leading, potentially, to kidney failure. In a study of five multi-drug resistant hemorrhagic E. coli species (isolated from yaks…. Apparently they eat at Chipotle too), berberine was found to be a highly effective treatment. Oh, if only the sweet kids sickened recently had read up about their yak treatments! Truly though, so far no one has died, but think of the misery berberine could have saved these patients.

What else does it do?

Not only does berberine kill the bad gut bugs, it also appears to lower intestinal inflammation levels in response to the pathogen via the Cox-2 pathway, the same target pathway of newer classes of gut-friendly NSAIDS.5,6

Berberine also has consistently demonstrated blood-sugar lowering, cholesterol lowering, anti-tumor, and immune system beneficial effects. It also protects against cardiovascular disease by stopping overgrowth of the inside of blood vessels and reducing atherosclerosis and has been suggested as a beneficial treatment in post-menopausal women to reduce risk of heart disease.7, 11, 13

In case that wasn't enough to have you totally sold on this amazing plant nutrient, it also appears to be quite effective in weight management. Berberine can stop the development of new fat cells and shows the same effect as metformin in the gut where it decreases less beneficial gut bugs yet promotes the growth of bacteria who help produce short-chain fatty acids which not only feed the gut, but are clean and efficient fuel for your body.9,12

Berberine also reduces the liver damaging effects seen in NASH (Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease), halts progression of Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinsons, post trauma), and reduces kidney damage due to diabetes.10,14,16

So, are you ready to go buy yourself some berberine yet? I know my cupboards will never be without at least one bottle and my family have come to rely on it to protect us against potentially life-threatening food-born illness, just at the first sign of queasiness. If you've eaten at Chipotle recently, it sure wouldn't hurt….

***Warning: Berberine is NOT pregnancy approved and can induce miscarriage if taken in high doses early in pregnancy. Do not take if you are pregnant! ***

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