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Saturday, November 7, 2015

In the News: "Naturopathic" Mom Lets Kids Contract Pertussis

If you see this floating around your news feed please understand that whatever this woman may claim, she is NOT a Naturopathic Doctor (ND). She did NOT graduate from an accredited medical school and she is working in an unlicensed state where anyone can call themselves a "naturopath" because there is no board or regulations to enforce it.

Purposefully exposing young children to whooping cough, which can have life long effects on developing lungs, is paramount to abuse and bragging about it is down right idiotic. If a child contracts whooping cough naturally and parents choose to treat it naturally I fully support that, as unless antibiotics are given in the first two weeks of the illness (usually before the characteristic "whoop" has begun) they do not significantly alter the course of the disease. However, if there were infants or other children in the household who hadn't yet developed the disease I would make every effort to protect them to avoid the months of torture for the whole family.

Please understand that this is why NDs need licensing in every state so that people without proper medical training can't tarnish the word "naturopath" and provide sub-standard care to their patients.

#uNDsdoitagain #checkyourcredentials #naturopathicmedicine #notadoctor 

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